Keystone Bio Science

Keystone Bio has developed a first-of-kind bio-therapeutic drug in the multi-billion-dollar arena of Alzheimer’s and heart disease. More specifically, we are developing our first-of-kind bio-therapeutic-drug for heart disease targeting volatile coronary artery plaque and post-event myocardium vulnerability.

The Keystone Bio team includes world class management, scientific, and clinical teams.

Keystone Bio has identified and targeted the keystone pathogen of chronic inflammatory disease. Keystone Bio’s first-of-kind bio-therapeutic drug and new suite of diagnostics are ready for the multi-billion-dollar arena of Heart Disease and Alzheimer’s.

Oral Systemic Biology

Keystone Bio has targeted the keystone pathogen of oral origin that translocates throughout the body and is involved with the pathogenesis of a large catalogue of systemic disease states including heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases/Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and various cancers.

The average adult has up to 3 hours of bacteremia per day from oral bacteria. At the same time, the keystone pathogen of oral origin has been shown to play a key role in the systemic cascade of inflammation throughout the body.

Research shows the keystone pathogen alters, evades, and disrupts the immune system for it’s benefit. It can remain viable in human cardiovascular cells and atherosclerotic plaque and later exit and re-enter previously uninfected host cells.

Most people, despite socio-economic conditions, acquire chronic infections with pathogenic oral bacteria, which quickly adopt the biofilm mode of growth. Left unaddressed, this biofilm incites an inflammatory cascade throughout the body that leads to pathology and disease.

Next-Level Sequencing & Cataloging

The Distributed Genome Hypothesis states that bacterial species possess a population-level supragenome that contains a large set of distributed genes, a subset of which are virulence factors which can serve as intervention targets for our patented Immune Refocusing Technology, which removes virulent strains without affecting the overall species-level microbiome composition.

Targeting & Development

We stand alone in developing the Distributed Genome Hypothesis, discovering the science of Deceptive Imprinting and imagining and creating the patent-protected Immune Refocusing Technology.  Collectively, these theoretical and practical advances provide Keystone Bio with a market-leading position.